Tibor Kalapos


position associate professor
Phone +3613722500 ext. 1715
FAX +3613812188
E-MAIL kalapos@ludens.elte.hu
Web http://members.iif.hu/kalapos.tibor

Research Interest                                                                                                                      Magyar

  • plant ecophysiology, photosynthesis and water relations of plants, particularly of grasses, adaptation and acclimation to temporary water shortage in temperate semiarid habitats, plasticity of physiological and leaf morphological / anatomical traits in response to environmental stress;

  • responses of seed germination and seedling growth to plant-derived smoke accross various groups of angiosperms;

  • ecology and ecophysiology of C4 plants (particularly grasses) in the temperate zone, variation in C4 leaf anatomy;

  • physiological and morphological plasticity of invasive grasses in response to environmental stresses;

  • thr role of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in the success of invasive grass species;   

  • photosynthetic, water relations and leaf structural responses of semarid temperate grassland plants to simulated climate change (warming or drought): field experiment on sandy soil;

  • population dynamics and life history traits of the herbaceous perennial Pannonian relict endemism Ferula sadleriana Ledeb. (Apiaceae) in its largest population (Pilis Hill, Hungary); the status of the species' surviving populations in the Carpathian Basin.


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Courses given at the Institute of Biology, Faculty of Science, Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

  • Plant Systematics

  • Plant Ecology

  • Ecology

  • Physiological Plant Ecology

  • Grassland Ecology

  • Methods in Plant Ecology

  • Lab and field practices in Plant Systematics (flora of Hungary)

  • Field practice in plant ecology

 Other activities