Editors:N. C. Kenkel & J. Podani






Preface†††††††† 1


O. Wildi: Simulating vegetation at a local scale: probability modelling and fuzzy perception†††††††† 3


D. J. Walker & N. C. Kenkel: Fractal analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics in boreal forest landscapes†††††††† 13


G. Fekete & Z. Fekete: Distance distribution between patch systems: a new method to analyse community mosaics†††††††† 29


V. DePatta Pillar: Sampling sufficiency in ecological surveys†††††††† 37


S. Bartha, T. Czaran & J. Podani: Exploring plant community dynamics in abstract coenostate spaces †††††††† 49


M. B. Dale: Space, scale and description †††††††† 67


X. He & L. Orloci: Anderson Pond revisited: the late-Quaternary vegetation process†††††††† 81


Gy. Kroel-Dulay: Stepwise transformation of phytosociological data: a case study in the semiarid grasslands of New Mexico†††††††† 95


J. Podani, T. Czaran & I. Scheuring: Individual-centered analysis of community pattern: some case studies†††††††† 101


C. Ricotta, N. C. Kenkel, E. De Zuliani, G. C. Avena: Community richness, diversity and evenness: a fractal approach†††††††† 113


E. Jako & P. Itczes: A discrete mathematical approach to the analysis of spatial pattern†††††††† 121


C. Ricotta, G. C. Avena & E. R. Olsen: Geographic windows in the fractal analysis oflocal landscape complexity †††††††† 143


B. Tothmeresz: On the characterization of scale-dependent diversity†††††††† 149


J. Izsak: Software abstract. DIVERSI 1.1: A program for diversity calculations††††††† 157