István's MIDI Land

Welcome in my MIDI land! This page contains some superb MIDI file of music I really love!

Fever      fever.mid

You might say that writing a jazz MIDI file is a crime, and I can understand you. Indeed a MIDI file will never sound like a live music, and jazz is essentially a living staff. So what's up then? Well, I found this MIDI file really-really good, so I dare put it onto my webpage. I used to play this song with my former blues band, and this was the first song I learned to play on flute. I hope you'll forgive me...

A coffee with B.B. King      b00035.mid

Hem-hem... I cannot say that writing a blues MIDI is not a crime... However, if you have a good soundcard, I bet you'll go mad for this MIDI!

Carwash      carwash.mid

If I've already put jazz and blues MIDIs onto this page, why shouldn't I put a funky song? Especially, if it is very good, as well?

Sultans of swing      sultans.mid

I couldn't believe that it was a MIDI file when I heard this first! If you cannot imagine that a dIRE sTRAITS song with Mark Knopfler unique guitar-playing can be transcribed to MIDI, then you must listen to this file on a good soundcard! I guess this song inspired me to start learning bass in the eighties. Why not guitar? Dunno.

House of the Rising Sun      house.mid

This song reminds me of the big parties I had when I was a university student. I was lucky to hear Eric Burden at Budapest in 1994...

Hotel California      hotel.mid

I'm too romantic, aren't I? Unfortunately, the guitar solo is not too good in this MIDI file, which would be otherwise perfect.

Skating away      skating.mid

... on the thin ice to the new year's day. Actually, I heard Jethro Tull at Budapest in 1994, too! I must admit, that it seems really impossible to mimic Ian Anderson's flute-playing in a MIDI file :(

At the hop      Twisting by the pool      I feel good      Jailhouse rock

OK, if you got too blue listening to the previous songs, then shake yourself a little bit!