Beyond Next Generation Sequencing workshop, 2011 July 20-23, Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Miklos Istvan
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I started studying biology and chemistry at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science in 1992. After I have decided to be an applied mathematician, I picked up mathematics in 1993. I graduated in 1998 and started a PhD course at the Department of Plant Taxonomy and Ecology


PhD thesis

I've spent 18 months at the Genom Analysis and Bioinformatics group, University of Oxford between 2002 August and 2004 January, and returned twice for 7-9 months between 2007 September and 2009 August. I was a postdoc at the Theoretical Biology and Ecology Modelling Group. I was also a poject leader at the eScience Regional Knowledge Centre.
Now I'm a member of the Bioinformatics group in the Rényi Institute. Currently, I am a work package leader in an EU FP7 project. The project is in collaboration with ClcBio and other SMEs and RTDs and is about finding transcription factor binding sites in Vertebrate genomes.

Research interest

I have been working on modelling molecular evolution. My research focuses on insertion-deletion process (statistical alignment), on genome rearrangement and RNA folding.
I am partly involved in a project on multivariate biological data analysis, such as horseshoe effect in PCoA and statistical properties of presence-absence matrices.
I am interested in possible MCMC applications in bioinformatics (mainly Bayesian phylogenetic inferring) and ecology (generating null-distributions).
My current love is the intersection of complexity classes #P-complete and FPRAS.


I used to teach tons of topics like these:

Currently I am teaching Introduction to Computer Science at the Central European University, Bioinformatics at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, and Stochastic models in bioinformatics at the Technical University of Budapest

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A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.
- Paul Erdős

My Erdos number is 3


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